These elegant journals are your perfect Bible study companion for the books of 1 Samuel-2 Kings. There is one note page alloted for each chapter, but additional pages may be added in using the extra note pages at the end (This feature only works in Good Notes and Notability, though blank pages may be added in Good Reader). There is also a section for character study and one for geography. The personal section was added to be used for whatever subjects you would like. The tabs on the side are hyperlinked as are the numbers on each of the main pages. 


The journals are designed in portrait mode so that they can be used in split screen mode with the Bible open in another app. 

The cover images were chosen to relate to something in each Bible book.


Compatible with: Good Notes 4 and 5, iBooks, GoodReader, Notability, and Xodo

File size: 21.7 MB

You will need to extract the PDF files from the Zip file.


Files not for resale, reproduction, or distribution. Purchaser may use document in all personal devices but not share the file with others. 

1 Samuel-2 Kings Bible Study Journal PDF pack

  • Compatible with Good Notes 4 and 5, iBooks, GoodReader, Notability, and Xodo